Sunday, December 16, 2012

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas...except it is 80 degrees!

It has been hard for me to get into the Christmas mood this year. I love Christmas, I love why we celebrate it.. but I do not love getting the tree out and decorating it. There I said it. Emily June called me scrooge three times during the process. She is so precious, always wanting to help with anything and makes the best out of any situation. I love that child. So, in order to get my Christmas spririt up, Mom took us to get make gingerbread houses. (So thankful I did not have to clean up that mess in my house, it automatically put me in a better mood!) Wyatt has his first sleepover birthday party so we made it a great girls morning. It was a great start to a bad mood month!

 Dec 1, "Elfie" made his appearance. He is a sneaky little elf and every morning the kids enjoy getting up to find out what Elfie has gotten into the night before. This has been a lot of creative fun for our family! (Thank goodness for pintrest!)

 The first night "Elfie" showed up.

Green milk for breakfast!

December also marks the beginning of boys gymnastics season. Zach and I know nothing about gymnastics.. so this is new to both of us. Wyatt just loves it. To see the look and excitement in his face when he competes is worth it all. (Even if the meets last 6 hours.. on high school bleachers!) The first meet was in Plano has the famous WOGA gym...the competition was stiff, but Wyatt did well for his first time. He did not win, and was upset about it .. but it taught him to fight and work harder for the next meet... The next meet was in Abilene, and he did much better.. he won several ribbons and 5th in all around for his level. He was very pleased with himself. He is by far the cutest little gymnast I have ever scene. Spoken like a true mommy.
 Wyatt and Coach Matt

 First in all around for level 4! Team Next Level!

 Very first score on floor routine

 High bar

 Mushroom (his least favorite!)
 Ready for vault...

 Go go go!

WE have two more meets in February, so more hard work and awards to follow.

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